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Creative Innovative Designs Inc. was created on the premise that evolving with Technology prevents commercial extinction. We continue to strive to find innovative ways to create, provide support, and be a catalyst for true cost effective measures in design and construction.

We currently are available to serve in four major areas that we believe bring value in today's highly competitive residential construction market.

 Panelized Construction - Creative Innovative Designs Inc. can take an existing plan or help our clients develop a custom plan that can employ this innovative and cost effective methodology to bring your next project to fruition.

      Panelized construction has major benefits in shortening the construction timeline by segmenting the walls, flooring, roof, decking into individual panels. These "panels" are all produced in a temperature controlled environment which allows for accuracy to 1/16'. Once the construction site is prepped and ready for framing, the panels are loaded on to flatbed trailers and transported to the construction site to be hoisted into position. This process allows for a quick "dry in" process (typically a few days versus weeks), thereby creating savings on labor. You will have also mitigated the typical issues of weather, theft of materials, and delay of the other tradesmen waiting to start due to the typical timeline of the framing process.

 Custom Design - With a degreed Architect and Engineer on staff, Creative Innovative Designs Inc. stands ready to support any client with Design needs. There is no project too large or small for us.

 Smart Home Technology - Creative Innovative Designs Inc. was created over 15 years ago as a Home Automation systems integrator to major home builders in Atlanta, Georgia. As technology has evolved, we are now positioned to be a one stop shop for the home owner not sure on what is available and/or the benefits. Lighting controls, temperature controls, home surveillance, security systems, smart appliances, whole house audio, solutions available here. Lets discuss a custom solution.

 Alternative Energy - Creative Innovative Designs Inc. is sensitive to our nation's dependence on oil and its by products translating into high energy costs. We have made significant investments in the area of educating our team and are prepared to educate our clients on the benefits of alternate energy, particularly Solar technology. We have been schooled in system design and installation in this area and typically present a "turn key" solution to our clients seeking to take advantage of the full benefit package in using Creative Innovative Designs Inc.. 

We thank you for visiting our site and we encourage you to contact us with any questions regarding your construction, design, or Alternate Energy needs. Please check out our videos below with our supporting partners for all offerings we provide.

Why us?

Professionally trained in the areas of Architectural Desig​n, Engineering and Aging in place allows Creative Innovative Designs to stand ahead of our competition. Adding Alternative Energy expertise to the equation you now have the opportunity for a "one stop shop" situation.

Our mission is to provide unmatched support and expertise while remaining cost conscious and walking closely with technology.

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